About Dark Matter


Dark Matter is a collaboration of composers, performers and scientists. It fuses cutting-edge technology with exceptional musical artistry. The result is an art form that blurs the boundaries between performance, education and composition by blending them into a single event.

Dark Matter seeks to inspire and educate its audiences. Through music, visual projection, and interactive lecture/discussion, Dark Matter addresses the interrelationships between science and the arts along with the impact of technology on society. This inter-disciplinary approach helps audiences understand the passion of science and the logic of art. The goal is to show how science and the arts function together in a mutually beneficial relationship.

In the planetarium, the seats recline to give you a view of the overhead dome. You do not look down or out as you would in a traditional theater. Instead, you look up to see panoramas of the night sky. Looking upward is an inherently optimistic vantage point and Dark Matter uses that view to show how incredible our world is. There is a world of possibilities out there and Dark Matter encourages you to Look Up.


Look Up.