Reviews and Public Comments


"Space, music in sync with Dark Matter"

"Yes, Virginia, there is a nice big planetarium at Kansas City's Union Station — and it's been put to creative use by Dark Matter, a five-member consortium of area composers, performers and scientists...

This was an interesting, relaxing, stimulating and refreshing evening. Congratulations to Dark Matter are in order."

John Heuertz, The Kansas City Star, February 7, 2011


"Science and music in celestial harmony"

"Live, contemporary, electroacoustic music was paired with impressive, realistic animations of Earth and the Solar System. In between these multimedia pieces, astronomer Bob Riddle offered engaging, succinct overviews of star constellations and the hundreds of known objects in our solar system...

Dark Matter’s first performance collaboration was a successful, fun mix of art and science; two subjects that are more typically seen vying for merit and funding... [M]aybe partnerships like Dark Matter could be a way to bridge this divide between art and science, enlightening the mind while still inspiring the spirit."

Christopher Levin, KC Metropolis, February 8, 2011


"The blend of science and music was terrific--great depth from both viewpoints in exquisite balance.  Looking forward to more programs.  "

William A. Everett, Ph.D.
Professor of Musicology
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Curriculum
Conservatory of Music and Dance
University of Missouri-Kansas City